Health & Wellbeing
Body Conditioning, Circuit Training, Zumba, Pilates and Yoga are amongst the list of timetabled Fitness classes. Many of these classes take place at lunch time so why not join us then. There is also a range of Osteopathy treatments to help with the stresses and strains of modern living. Providing you with rapid relief and a swift return to a normal lifestyle armed with the knowledge to prevent reoccurrence.
Skilled Pilates
12:15 - 

A system of physical exercise involving controlled movements, stretching and breathing.
Excercise Type : Core Development
Excercise Level : Performance Athlete
Excercise Benefits : Improves and maintains core muscle groups.
Jesse Saunders
Jesse Saunders has been teaching yoga since 2008, acrobatics since 2007 and Thai Massage since 2003. He also performs as part of an acrobatic duo, as well as with an acrobatic clown company. Jesse has taken his training to a high level, but also delights in the the detail and is able to break down the important components at any level.
Flow Yoga
7:45 - 

In this class we work with balance, awareness of the spine, building strength and flexibility, and all this with a mindful breath. You will be encouraged work with attention, precision and wisdom - this may be to push yourself and explore your edges or if you are feeling more fragile, to drop into greater energetic depths of breath and awareness.
Excercise Type : Stretchng, Breathwork, Awareness, Balance
Excercise Level : All Levels
Excercise Benefits : You will feel more embodied, awake, alive, energised and ready to take on the week.
Nick Rixen
Nick is a professional yoga teacher in London. He's been practising yoga for 22 years, teaching for 16 years and holds an Iyengar yoga teaching certificate. He has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune, India, and many other teachers, including those teaching other styles. He's also been leading retreats in Greece and Turkey for a number of years.
Hatha Yoga
13:00 - 

Iyengar yoga emphasizes precision and alignment in postures. This, combined with constant breath awareness and a flowing style makes yoga what it essentially is, a moving meditation and a method for developing a strong and supple body and a calm and receptive mind.
Excercise Type : Hatha Yoga
Excercise Level : Beginners/General
Excercise Benefits : Yoga promotes health, fitness, strength and flexibility, it de-stresses and induces calmness.
Retha Welding
Retha Welding is a fully qualified physiotherapist who has been treating patients for many years. Qualified with a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy at the University of the Free State in South Africa followed by a 1 year post graduate course in Orthopeadic Manipulation Therapy. Retha has worked in the areas of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic rehab, neuro rehab, and pulmo physio, ICU and paediatric. Retha's clients include runners, tri athletes, professional dancers, performing artists, martial artists and yoga and pilates teachers. Not forgetting those office clients who suffer from spending long hours at their desks. Retha is a keen athlete and has a special interest in the health and well being of the female athlete. She would love to see every woman achieve her goals. These may be particularly difficult during pre and post natal phases bt Retha can help with pregnancy exercise and rehab and the Mummy MOT. Retha interests are very much based around beautiful movement and she loves practising yoga, dancing, rock climbing and adventure sports.
Drug Free, yet based on a sound medical background. Physiotherapy combines pain management, therapeutic techniques, advice and reassurance, self exercise, lifestyle changes hence providing a holistic approach. By diagnosing the root cause we use techniques to allow the body to heal itself naturally with the primary aim of a swift return to everyday life and further injury prevention.
Excercise Benefits : Improves and maintains body performance.
Leena Malde
Leena has been practising Yoga for over 15 years and embarked on teaching to share her experience and bring the joy and freedom of Yoga to others. Leena is a Yoga Alliance 200 hour registered yoga teacher and is also a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher. In terms of styles of Yoga, Leena enjoys a variety of styles from Iyengar to Vinyasa, Jivamukti to Forrest, YogaMonks to partner Yoga.
12:15 - 

12:15 - 

19:00 - 

A course of related exercises and postures intended to promote control of the body and mind to attain physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Excercise Type : Mind, body and breath nourishment
Excercise Level : Open level - suitable for all levels of experience
Excercise Benefits : During class, be prepared to discover length in your spine and body awareness, to work hard and use movement to find your breath and your body